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Thrifty Thursday – noun
Pronounced: Thrifty |ˈθriftē| Thursday |ˈθərzˌdā; -dē|
1. A day to which posts based on thriftiness are uploaded for your viewing pleasure, be it op-shop discoveries, crafty projects or yummy new recipes…


It’s true. I admit it.

I am addicted to Instagram.

In case you have been living under a very large rock (or you don’t have an Iphone) and you don’t know what I am talking about, Instagram is an Iphone only application that allows you to instantly edit and share photographs that you capture on your phone.

But with all of that time I spend in the world of IG, what is to be done with all of the happy images I have that are filling up my phone?

I wanted to make our Christmas gifts this year, so I decided, what better way to use these pretty little pictures than to turn them into super awesome fridge magnets?!!

These were really fun to make, and although a little finicky, I am really happy with how they have turned out.

So today’s Thrifty Thursday post is all about DIY photo magnets – in case you’d like to make some yourself.

There are already quite a few tutorials online about how to make your own magnets. One that I found to be most helpful in making my magnets is here. She even gives you a free template download for polaroid frames! How handy!

Here’s how I did it:

I used:

– 8 x 12 print with photos taken and edited on my Iphone
– Mulched cardboard (about three millimetres thick), it is actually the back cover of a scrapbook
– Magnet strip
– Photo glue (to mount the photos to the cardboard)
– Clear Decoupage glaze (acid free)
– Thin paint brush (to paint the glaze onto the photos)
– Rotary cutter
– Cutting mat


I collated my iphone photos together in photoshop. I printed 24 images that were 2 x 2 inches each onto each 8 x 12″ print.


I then mounted the 8 x 12 print to the cardboard, and cut each square out with the rotary cutter.


Each square was then coated with 2 separate coats of glaze – on the top and on the sides. I left about 30 minutes between each coat.


Then I cut the magnet strip into square segments, and stuck them to the back of the pictures with glaze (it worked really well as a glue).


Then I hastily swiped ALL of the existing magnets off of our refrigerator, to make room for these lovely new ones. :D

x Jessica


Thrifty Thursday – noun
Pronounced: Thrifty |ˈθriftē| Thursday |ˈθərzˌdā; -dē|
1. A day to which posts based on thriftiness are uploaded for your viewing pleasure, be it op-shop discoveries, crafty projects or yummy new recipes…


At the moment, the weather in Adelaide has been just delightful.

I got home from running some errands at about 9.30 this morning, and was pleasantly surprised to see Dana sitting in the living room on his computer. You see, days together can be rather difficult to come by – with him at uni during the week, me working now, and juggling with friends and family. But because this term is drawing to a close, Dana has spent some extra time at home to work on assignments.

I decided I would be a good wife for once, and make us a lovely little brunch – and what better place to eat it than our sunny, springy courtyard!

So, I don’t know about you, but I really like baked beans… and I have been really craving to make my own for a while now.

It ended up so yummy and super easy to make, I thought I’d share it here (even though, they actually aren’t baked at all).

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I used:
2 cans of beans (1 red kidney bean, 1 butter bean)
1 can of peeled, diced tomatoes
whole cumin seeds
ground paprika
black peppercorns
sea salt flakes
1 onion
4 cloves of fresh garlic – crushed
olive oil
homegrown european parsley
organic sourdough rye bread – toasted and buttery

1. Dry fry the cumin seeds, until they start to brown and turn fragrant, then turn out onto a dry chopping board and crush/chop them up with your knife – to make a course powder.

2. Heat oil in your pan, then add crushed garlic and finely sliced onion – and saute. Add a couple of pinches of salt.

3. When the onions begin to turn transparent, drain and wash both cans of beans, and add to your pan. Fry and mix together with your cumin, then add paprika and a smidge more olive oil if you need.

4. Once it has been frying for a couple of minutes, add your diced tomatoes, about 1 tsp of ground cinnamon, and a good dose of ground black peppercorns. Then stir.

5. I then added about 150ml of water – so I could leave the beans to simmer while I set the table, picked some little flowers and made the toast!

6. Garnish with torn parsley leaves.

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x Jessica


Thrifty Thursday – noun
Pronounced: Thrifty |ˈθriftē| Thursday |ˈθərzˌdā; -dē|
1. A day to which posts based on thriftiness are uploaded for your viewing pleasure, be it op-shop discoveries, crafty projects or yummy new recipes…


Welcome, dear friends, to this weeks’ Thrifty Thursday post! I thought I’d have a little ‘show and tell’ of some of the cool things I have acquired lately – either thrifting, or during my neighbourhood’s most recent council kerbside collections.

I’ll start with something little…

this little pussycat picture was hidden in a pretty gross dusty box on the side of the road:

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This ceiling light fitting glistened by the flash of our headlights (what better, seedy-er way to collect hard rubbish, than when it is dark out, and everyone can watch you scavenge from the comfort of their loungeroom window). I adore amber coloured glassware… so we brought it home with us. It looks really cool with a small candle underneath it:


This kitchen cupboard segment… we don’t actually have a pantry in our house – so we use recycled countertop storage instead. (Yes, the kitchen is pretty effing filthy at the moment.)

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And my favourite find of all…

These retro kitchen chairs. I just love the patterns in the vinyl, not to mention the colours.


They look great out in our courtyard – for sunny breakfasts:

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The following things I have picked up from various thrift stores and op shops around the place:

Pretty dresses:



Amber coloured ash tray – somewhere I can keep some of my clip on earrings:

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Have any of you had any good discoveries lately??

x Jessica


Thrifty Thursday – noun
Pronounced: Thrifty |ˈθriftē| Thursday |ˈθərzˌdā; -dē|
1. A day to which posts based on thriftiness are uploaded for your viewing pleasure, be it op-shop discoveries, crafty projects or yummy new recipes…


Oh wow, hasn’t it been a long time since I posted about thriftiness?? I soverymuchly wanted to post this yesterday (the <em>real</em> Thursday), but I was feeling quite unwell. So Dana set me up on the couch with some water, a blankie and a Bill Murray movie before he left for uni. And he banned me from ‘doing photos’. Fair enough. Plus, within about an hour of him leaving, I was fast asleep in a ball.

That’s not to say that I haven’t actually been thrifty though. I have gone on almost daily bike rides to places instead of driving, gone shopping in thrift stores multiple times per week for the past 6 months or so, and given haircuts to my friends and family.

I am very excited today. I am excited to the bone. I am so excited I have been doing a little hoppy dance around the house all morning (and yes, I am feeling much better).

This brochure is why I am so excited:


We received it in our letter box a couple of weeks ago, and since then, I have felt completely and utterly squeamishly excited.

I love hard rubbish, or recycled furniture, or scavenging, or kerbsite collections, or whatever you like to call them.

“Ohai, I am 70 years old and my husband and I no longer want all this awesome 1960’s furniture and home decor, and our grandson is lazy and won’t help us take it do donate to the Salvation Army. Oh, I know, let’s just leave it out for kerbside collection! Lucky we got this brochure in the mail!!”

Anyway, I am banking on the fact that because Adelaide has a relatively ageing population, there might be one or two kerbside scenarios akin to this one??

SO, needless to say, I have been working on a list of things to look out for in the neighbourhood this weekend.

Perhaps one day, I will post about all of the cool things we have found in hard rubbish over the years. A large percentage of our furniture has been found (and appreciated) as treasure on the side of the road.

One year, back when we lived in Brisbane, Dana and I found a Juice dispenser moulded to the shape of former Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke’s face! Now, if that’s not a golden win, then I don’t know what is! Needless to say, that red chipped paint in the background of the photos above is the top of a cool cabinet my sister and I found near our house on the side of the road.

One of the things listed is garden supplies. I’m looking for pots, tyres, buckets, metal drums, fence railing, etc etc, and any thing that might come in handy in building my new veggie garden.

I have been faffing on and on about making a new garden, but here’s some of my plans:


I was given some beautiful gardening books for my birthday, which I have found to be completely, essentially helpful to me. I have absolutely no freaking idea about how to start my garden, and to be honest, I even feel a little bit nervous about it! Which is silly, I know.

I have been reading, One Magic Square by Lolo Houbein and Grow Vegetables by Alan Buckingham.


But, I am feeling much better about it all now. I (and every other poor sucker in my family) have been collecting toilet paper rolls so I can start sprouting some seeds before planting them, and it is all getting a little bit exciting really.

I just cannot wait for the day that I can prepare a fresh meal from ingredients that I have lovingly grown myself!

Do you garden? Have you ever grown your own vegetables or fruit or herbs?

x Jessica

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Thrifty Thursday – noun
Pronounced: Thrifty |ˈθriftē| Thursday |ˈθərzˌdā; -dē|
1. A day to which posts based on thriftiness are uploaded for your viewing pleasure, be it op-shop discoveries, crafty projects or yummy new recipes…


Thrifty Thursday Saturday Number Six:

My friend is leaving town on Wednesday. She’s off for a few blissful months of gallivanting around the world.

Last week she shared with me her ‘to do’ list of things she still needs to complete before going away. One of which was to get a haircut.

“I’ll cut it for you!” I blurted out, without actually thinking about what I was saying.

You see, it is really hard to find a hairdresser that you can trust. In fact, there’s only one hairdresser in the whole world I would go to, and unfortunately for me, she lives in Brisbane.

So for this year past, I have been cutting my own hair. It’s silly I know, I am SURE there are plenty of good hairdressers out there, but for now, the risk of going in for a trim, and then leaving with hair cut to my ears is just far too great.

So, my friend Georgia and I share the same disdain. And, feeling all thrifty, yesterday I sat her outside in the sun and did my best.

Don't try this at home.

The finished product:
Finished product...

And then Georgia let me take some fun photos:

Please note: This is not presented as a tutorial because you probably shouldn’t try this at home! The only reason I do it, is because I have had lots of practise, and subsequent failures.

When I was about 13, I had hair down to my waist. I decided one day that I wanted to have a pretty sweepy side fringe, and that I could easily give it to myself. My hopes were high. Perhaps a little too high. What I ended up doing was chopping a huge chunk of hair out of the front of my face at ear length. This instance was quickly followed by a trip to Just Cuts, and I came home with a very short bob. I was mortified!

Anyway, Georgia was happy with her thrifty haircut, probably all thanks to my trial and error of years past.

But I would love to know, have you ever cut your own hair? Or had a hair disaster? You should tell me about it!

x Jessica

Ps. Enjoy your weekend!