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Thrifty Thursday – noun
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1. A day to which posts based on thriftiness are uploaded for your viewing pleasure, be it op-shop discoveries, crafty projects or yummy new recipes…


It’s true. I admit it.

I am addicted to Instagram.

In case you have been living under a very large rock (or you don’t have an Iphone) and you don’t know what I am talking about, Instagram is an Iphone only application that allows you to instantly edit and share photographs that you capture on your phone.

But with all of that time I spend in the world of IG, what is to be done with all of the happy images I have that are filling up my phone?

I wanted to make our Christmas gifts this year, so I decided, what better way to use these pretty little pictures than to turn them into super awesome fridge magnets?!!

These were really fun to make, and although a little finicky, I am really happy with how they have turned out.

So today’s Thrifty Thursday post is all about DIY photo magnets – in case you’d like to make some yourself.

There are already quite a few tutorials online about how to make your own magnets. One that I found to be most helpful in making my magnets is here. She even gives you a free template download for polaroid frames! How handy!

Here’s how I did it:

I used:

– 8 x 12 print with photos taken and edited on my Iphone
– Mulched cardboard (about three millimetres thick), it is actually the back cover of a scrapbook
– Magnet strip
– Photo glue (to mount the photos to the cardboard)
– Clear Decoupage glaze (acid free)
– Thin paint brush (to paint the glaze onto the photos)
– Rotary cutter
– Cutting mat


I collated my iphone photos together in photoshop. I printed 24 images that were 2 x 2 inches each onto each 8 x 12″ print.


I then mounted the 8 x 12 print to the cardboard, and cut each square out with the rotary cutter.


Each square was then coated with 2 separate coats of glaze – on the top and on the sides. I left about 30 minutes between each coat.


Then I cut the magnet strip into square segments, and stuck them to the back of the pictures with glaze (it worked really well as a glue).


Then I hastily swiped ALL of the existing magnets off of our refrigerator, to make room for these lovely new ones. :D

x Jessica


Today is my big brother David’s 37th birthday.

Of all of the memories in my head from when I grew up, every single one that I have that relates to David is fond. Even when I was a teeny little girl, I always remember him being kind and loving to me.

I like the way that if I ever were to talk about someone hurting me, his immediate response would be (and still is), “Tell me their name and their address. I’ll f***ing go sort them out!”

(even though we all know he’d never do any thing of the sort)

I like the way that he shrouds his body in black and leather and studs, and covers his skin with tattoos, and yet, he would give you the shirt off his back if you asked.

He is a truly beautiful brother, and I am the luckiest to be able to call him family.

Happy Birthday Brother. xx

Happy Birthday David


Above are some photos I spent the earlier part of today collating. There’s a whole treasure trove of old 120mm and 35mm photographs and Super 8 film in my sister’s closet.

Some of the pictures above are of my mother. I cannot believe she was *that* thin after just having given birth to my sister. Isn’t she beautiful?

Some of the pictures contain my siblings, Michelle, David and Paul, and me when I was little. I am amazed at how much my niece Sydnee looks like David did when he was a baby!

I love photos!

Have a wonderful day.



Here are some photos (a very random collection, I know) of recent life. They are bits that I am enjoying at the moment.

But as a lovely person said to me in an email the other day, “It’s all about the little things, my friend.”

Flowers pilfered from neighbours’ yards, in recycled glass bottles.

Family dinners, where the kids are sent outside to eat. ;)

This old stovey pole street sign, near my brother’s house.

sissy stuff
My super cute sister / bestie.

My awesome new crushed velvet dress from Top Shop. Seriously, how great is online shopping?!

This adorable photo of Squid and her cheezy grin.

This photo that Dana took down at the beach.

little old man
Collating photographs to contribute to my nephew’s 21st ’embarrassment mural’. Oh boy.

Happy days people.

x Jessica


As promised, here are the rest of the photos from my day with Grace. She is one rad, real, un-assuming, wild and just plain gorgeous lady.

She’s one of those chicks that makes you feel chuffed to be walking next to, like, “Pfft! Yeah! She’s mah friend! Be jealous!” Do you think you can catch ‘pretty’, via osmosis?


x jessica